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Erectile Dysfunction

To understand the causes of erectile dysfunction, you need to first know a little bit about the male sexual arousal process. It is one of the major processes in every man’s life and is naturally very complex as it involves not only the brain and hormone production but also your emotions. It also includes your muscles, blood vessels and nerves. If any of these elements are not working properly or not in good condition then there is a possibility of erectile dysfunction, where an erection is difficult or impossible to achieve or maintain. *

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Many factors cause erectile dysfunction and there may be more than one factor at play in any one patient. However, most of the doctors think that psychological factors are more influential than physical ones - especially in younger men. Self-esteem and stress are the two major reasons behind erectile dysfunction. Even lack of attention towards your general health can lead to this problem. Certain medications for some chronic conditions have an impact, for example medications to treat high blood pressure. That is why doctors gather Online Clinic before starting any treatment. Excessive weight is another reason that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Diseases such as clogged blood vessels, heart disease or atherosclerosis also cause erectile dysfunction as these conditions prevent healthy circulation of blood that is very important for erections to form. Chronic ailments such as thyroid, high blood pressure and diabetes also contribute in this condition. *

Other Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Pelvic surgery can cause problems with erections as it may restrict the blood flow or damage the nerve cells thereby inhibiting the process by which an erection forms. In cases of spinal cord injuries or injuries below waist there is a high chance of erectile dysfunction. In such cases, however, the chances of recovery are less and depend upon the extent of damage due to injury. Tobacco addiction affects the production of sperm and hormones and smoking can also lead to clogging up of the arteries, leading to erectile dysfunction. Several medicines, especially those prescribed for high blood pressure can affect your ability to achieve an erection. Some doctors also consider erectile dysfunction to be a marker symptom of a more serious underlying medical condition, such as cardiovascular disease. Since the brain plays a major role in this process, emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, sexual miscommunication and fatigue can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Treatment such as chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can cause erectile dysfunction. Many men shy away from sharing this problem personally with their doctor. Such people can take advantage of an cannot solve all your problems and prevent themselves from being embarrassed. We have recommended Private Doctor Direct but there are other websites out there that provide the same service. We have referenced this one as they appear to have all the necessary regulatory approvals in place and appear trustworthy. Using this method ensures that you are getting proper medical care but without having to have an embarrassing conversation. *

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Treatments for erectile dysfunction are decided based on causes. For example ED due to psychological reasons may need counseling, common sense advice, relationship counseling, and psychotherapy. Erection aiding drugs are also given to increase the sexual stimulation that can ultimately lead to an erection forming. In the last 15 years, revolutionary research has been carried out in the field and there are highly effective drugs that can cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the best known of the medications. Although Viagra is one of the best treatments for this type of problem, it still generics information. Any underlying issues of which erectile dysfunction is a symptom must still be addressed. The active ingredient in Viagra (sildenafil) is now available as a generic medication in the UK so it is considerably cheaper than the branded product. You can get natural alternatives at the NHS website. *

Injections and Other Treatments

Injections such as Caverject are injected in the penis or pellets are inserted through the urinary pipe that contains alprostadil as the active ingredient. However, the ED drugs such as Viagra have now replaced all these methods as front line treatments. Some other methods of treatment include blood vessel surgery, penile implants and penis pumps . *

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Since this is not a new problem, natural treatments have been used to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction down the ages. The background information have been sustained over the years, however, research regarding their efficiency in treating the problem is still going on. Some of the most popular herbs and natural elements that are used in this treatment include Panax ginseng or red ginseng, also known as herbal Viagra, Rhodiola Rosea, DHEA and Arginine. Acupuncture is also used.*     

Since erectile dysfunction is caused due to both physical and emotional problems and also due to the side-effects of medications prescribed in certain chronic ailments, it is very difficult to go to the root cause of the problem. Hence, to get proper treatment, this problem should be discussed with a doctor. *





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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction


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