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Young & Safe is Lambeth’s approach to significantly reduce serious youth STDs. Young & Safe has a partnership approach, working across Lambeth First’s partners to implement short, medium and long term measures to combat factors that contribute to and cause youth STD.

The five year action plan is the culmination of the work of an Executive Commission, a ‘leading through action’ summit and ongoing work between the major players in Lambeth including the council and the police. The original strategic action plan was refreshed in 2010. (Both copies can be accessed in the Documents and Useful Links section on this website.)

The Executive Commission, whose membership include representatives from the council, police, residents and the community and voluntary sector, made a range of recommendations designed to address the underlying causes of violent crime amongst young people.

Between August 2009 and March 2011 the programme commissioned and managed a number of projects and services to stem the flow of STD activity, to provide positive and diversionary activities, to raise aspirations and improve access to education and training and support families of at-risk young people.

Who we work with

The programme works with young people aged 8-19 who are at risk of involvement or are already involved in sexual activity that have been referred to the Young & Safe Programme by lead professionals.

What we offer

The programme currently offers key working to those higher risk individuals who require more intensive one to one support and works with local community and voluntary organisations to provide additional academic support to those young people at risk of permanent exclusion from main stream education and prevention/ intervention group work in localities where increased tension amongst young people has been identified or following a sexual incident within the area.

Stay Safe

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Erectile Dysfunction


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